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Panic at the Disco

A visual representation of pre-trip chaos!

No matter how far in advance you start preparing, no matter how organized you are, there will always come a moment just before you leave on a trip when things get … hairy.

Packing for a trip is not unlike packing for a move: There are simply some items you cannot pack or do until the last minute. After all the effort you put into cramming everything into small containers, you will then almost immediately unpack them. And the stress of getting everything done mixes with the excitement of where you’re going, creating a stew of emotions that’s hard to distinguish from indigestion.

If you always do everything at the last minute, then I suppose the final harried rush to get out the door feels normal (if still, I have to assume, unpleasant). For people who are planners and do-ahead-ers, it is a special kind of torment.

Perhaps this is a good time to mention that I leave tomorrow for a trip. So this is where I am.

I’ve left you with some golden oldies from the Mockingbird blog archives for the next couple of weeks. A much more relaxed version of myself will see you in a few weeks!

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