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Signs of Spring

I have a love/hate relationship with spring. I love the blooming flowers, the pale green of new growth, the soft touch of the air, the chirping of baby birds. I hate the pollen and the looming approach – like an alien spaceship hovering on the horizon – of summer heat and humidity.

But most of the time – when the pollen hasn’t colonized my contact lenses – I can just enjoy the season. Spring is the seasonal version of the early morning: everything is waking up and starting fresh. Trees sprout baby leaves. People trickle out of their winter dens. Stores are inspired to dress their windows in pink.

A change in the season is also a great time to “live like a tourist” again. As the landscape transforms, we can discover new and interesting variations on our usual haunts. Get outside and go exploring if you can – even if you have to wear goggles to keep the pollen at bay.

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