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Where To?

This is in Scotland, right?

The New York Times ran an article in January featuring 52 places to visit in 2019, which is a few more places than most of us will be able to fit in in a year with [checks calendar], yep, 52 weeks. And with all due respect to the Times, many of the places on their list didn’t exactly strike my fancy.

Just as there’s often no accounting for taste, there’s equally no accounting for which parts of the world we want to visit. Some places simply capture our imagination, without rhyme or (very little) reason. For instance, just a few of the places I’m currently enamored with include:

  • The Azores: There’s just something about sub-tropical volcanic islands smack-dab in the middle of the ocean. In Maud Hart Lovelace’s book “Betsy and the Great World,” Betsy sails across the Atlantic on a grand adventure just before World War I, and her first stop is the Azores. Now I feel the urge to follow in Betsy’s footsteps. Fortunately, modern travelers can get there on a 4-hour flight, instead of a week on a boat.

  • Svalbard, Norway: While I’ve been pining for Antarctica for quite some time (and the clock is truly ticking on that particular destination), Norway offers something possibly even more enchanting: the Northern Lights. Plus, polar bears. And have I mentioned how much I love snow?

  • Scotland: I admit, Harry Potter has a lot to do with this fixation. And castles on wind-swept moors. And the Scottish accent (*swoon*).

It may not be rational or explainable, but who are we to ignore the siren song of any particular destination? If it tickles your wanderlust, that means it’s time to go.

What destinations are calling your name right now? Mockingbird Travel can help you plan your travels, anywhere in the world. You’ll be supporting your favorite bird-named business and have a better vacation to boot! Fair warning, though: if anyone wants to go to Antarctica, you will have to take me with you.

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