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Give for the Greater Good: Our 2018 Philanthropy Gift Guide!

With Thanksgiving coming so early this year, we’ve been given an extra week for holiday shopping – and that means we have an extra week for holiday giving, too! This post is a few days late for Giving Tuesday, but it’s never too late for charitable good deeds.

There are so many worthy organizations and causes out there, it can be hard to decide who to support; I encourage you to seek out and donate to those organizations that speak most strongly to your interests and concerns. If you happen to share Mockingbird’s passion for health, you might consider donating to one of these organizations:

  • Shot@Life works to ensure that children around the globe have access to life-saving vaccines.

  • The Against Malaria Foundation distributes insecticide-treated bed nets in sub-Saharan Africa, to reduce the incidence of malaria and child mortality.

  • The International Committee of the Red Cross provides humanitarian protection and assistance to vulnerable people around the world.

Of course, money is not the only way to do good this holiday season. As an alternative to (or in addition to!) making a financial donation, please consider the gift of blood. (And no, my blog hasn’t been hacked by a vampire.) There’s no artificial substitute for this life-saving elixir: it has to come from generous, living warmbloods like us! Donating is good for the donor, too – like getting an oil change for your circulatory system. (Plus, they give you juice and cookies.) You can find your nearest blood donation center here.

There is perhaps no better way to get into the warm and fuzzy holiday spirit than by helping others. However you choose to give back, thank you for making a difference!

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