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Summer in the City

Quintessential summer

There’s no denying it now: summer is here.

The signs are unmistakable, even without the calendar ticking down to the summer solstice. The mercury has hovered over 90 degrees too many days in a row; DC has hit Peak Tourist capacity; and my clients who have been planning their annual Big Vacations for months are finally taking off.

I tend to bemoan the arrival of summer, because my body chemistry does not abide heat and humidity; my bank account, meanwhile, dreads the sudden spike in my electric bill when I have to turn on my window A/C units. I always swear that this year I’m going to leave town and travel north when the heat arrives; and yet, here I am. But even I have to admit that there are perks to the season of sweat and mosquitoes: ice cream, for example. The farmers’ market is jam-packed once again with all my favorite fruits. My back porch becomes a sanctuary surrounded by green trees and filled with bright flowers, and the long days mean I can spend more time there after the daytime heat abates.

And then there are the traditions of summer, like grilling out and (my personal favorite) fireworks. Free outdoor movie screenings have become a tradition, too. Perusing the long list of movies that will soon be blasted onto huge screens across the city, I was reminded of my summer in Geneva, when my friends and I watched Top Gun on an inflatable screen set up next to Lake Geneva. Some summer experiences are universal (as is enthusiasm for Top Gun).

Whether you love it or hate it, are preparing to travel far or hunker down at home, may you enjoy the pleasures of summer wherever you find them.

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