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Announcing our New Chile Tour!

Imagine a place where you can explore both deserts and glaciers, savor fine wines, stroll cosmopolitan streets, hike unspoiled mountain trails, and discover a legend in the South Pacific – all on one trip.

That place is Chile, and you’ll do all that and more on Mockingbird’s Epic Chile Explorer tour.

We’re calling this tour “epic” both because of the grand scale of the Chilean landscapes and because this is Mockingbird’s biggest tour yet – lasting over two weeks and traversing almost 10,000 miles. There’s even a choose-your-own-adventure component to this tour, with an optional Easter Island extension.

Chile offers a range of experiences unequaled anywhere else in the world. In the north, you’ll discover the wonders of the Atacama Desert, the world’s driest stretch of land. The dramatic mountains and wide expanses of salt flats make this region look truly otherworldly; it’s also one of the best spots on the planet for stargazing. In the south, you’ll channel your inner explorer in wild, unspoiled Patagonia. From thousand-year-old forests to dramatic fjords, snowfields, and glaciers, Patagonia is a natural paradise that never fails to amaze. In the far reaches of the South Pacific, you’ll find yourself face to face with the mysterious Moai of Easter Island, a once-in-a-lifetime experience that no traveler should miss. And at the heart of it all is sophisticated Santiago, a hotspot of cuisine, shopping, and culture.

If Chile isn’t on your bucket list yet, it should be now – just in time for you to check it off.

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