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Your Travel Soothsayer

All signs point to yes!

This week there was a Super Blue Blood Moon, which is neither blue nor bloody but is super nonetheless. It’s quite a fantastical name for a rare alignment of celestial objects. As long as we have our thoughts on the stars, why not look for some heavenly guidance for the year to come? What does 2018 hold in store for us…in the realm of travel? I have looked into my crystal magic 8 ball and divined for you, dear readers, your 2018 travel horoscope:

This will be a year of great adventures for you. You will travel farther from home than you’ve ever ventured before, to a new country or even a new continent. You will meet kind and interesting people, and perhaps form a new lifelong friendship. Your travels will be smooth, safe, and effortless, as you move with the flow of the universe. You will see and experience things you could not have imagined, and in the process, you will discover that you are braver than you believed. You must let go of your expectations, your old travel habits, and your well-worn paths. Instead, let yourself be free to explore and enjoy all the wonders of the world. You will not be disappointed.

And wait…there’s something else…something about a bird….? Ah, but of course: this year you will travel with Mockingbird! Yes, without a doubt. It is written in the stars.

Don’t try to defy fate! You can start making your travel fortunes come true by perusing our upcoming tours, here.

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