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'Tis the Season?

Ho ho ... ho?

I feel like I’ve been caught in a time warp and jumped straight from summer to Christmas.

It’s been so warm in DC this fall that the eucalyptus trees near my house are still chock full of bright yellow leaves, and the geranium on my back porch is blooming more enthusiastically now than it did in July. And yet, simultaneously, Christmas lights and wreaths and songs are popping up all over the place. This leaves me in a near-constant state of surprise over the arrival of the holiday season. It’s a good thing I did my Christmas shopping in Cambodia and Vietnam this year, or I’d be in real trouble.

By the time you receive this, I’ll be on an airplane on my way to Denver, where I’m hoping the colder air (and perhaps some snow??) will reset my inner holiday clock. Holiday spirit aside, I’m mainly excited for my trip because I’ll be taking a course to become a certified tour director. (A tour director is the person who leads an escorted tour group and makes sure everything runs smoothly – aka, “Me,” for most of Mockingbird’s tours right now.) I’m looking forward to a week immersed in talk of travel and touring.

The blog will be on hiatus while I’m traveling, but I’ll be back in a couple weeks to share Mockingbird’s global health philanthropy choices for the year – just in time for Christmas!

You know, in case you forgot it was Christmas, too.

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