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Time to Reboot

I feel better already!

I think we all deserve a break, don’t you?

Whether you’ve had a week of emotional turmoil like I have, or are just worn out by the overload of an unpleasant political season, some time away from it all – to heal our wounds and soothe our souls – is called for.

In that spirit, I invite you to join me for a (rather spontaneous) winter trip. I propose that we make our getaway near the end of January. In part, I’m choosing this date for selfish (and practical) reasons: Washington DC becomes a nightmare of traffic and human congestion during inaugurations. And while I’m happy for the supporters of the president-elect to celebrate his inauguration in our fair city, I’m not quite ready to mingle with the revelers. I also think it would be valuable for us to step away at this moment of transition, so we can return refreshed and restored and ready to face whatever lies ahead.

If a healing retreat sounds appealing to you, I’d love you to weigh in on where we go! I have two ideas for your consideration, both of which will allow us to take advantage of “low season” rates and fewer crowds:

  • Iceland: It’s January, so we might as well lean in to winter! Yes, it will be cold, but there are some natural phenomena that you can only see in the winter in Iceland, like ice tunnels and the Northern Lights. There’s nothing like contemplating the infinite cosmos to give you a new perspective on life.

  • Spain: Airfare to Europe is sooo cheap in January, and southern Europe will give us weather that’s not quite warm, but certainly warmer than many other places. As long as we’re there, we could pop over to Majorca. An island in the middle of the glistening blue Mediterranean sounds pretty relaxing to me.

Once we settle on a destination, I’ll put together an itinerary and a package price.

One final note: Although I’ve mentioned politics in these last two posts, I do so without any personal political “agenda.” My only agenda is love and peace – and spreading a measure of both through travel.

Coincidentally, January 25, 2017, will mark the 20th anniversary of my liver transplant. I can’t think of a better way to honor this milestone than by exploring and embracing a beautiful corner of the world with some of you.

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