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Let’s Go Exploring

This could be you.

It probably won’t surprise you to know that as soon as I return home from one trip, I’m thinking about my next adventure. And even as I finalize Mockingbird’s Ecuador itineraries (they’re soooo close to being done), I’ve been pondering where Mockingbird should go next.

Southeast Asia has been on my mind for a while, because it’s the second-to-last continent I haven’t visited (Antarctica is the last) and I’ve been reading rave reviews of Cambodia and Vietnam as up-and-coming – but still under-visited – travel destinations. Plus, in Mockingbird’s early days, a friend told me about a women’s hospital being built in Phnom Penh that sounds like an excellent beneficiary for Mockingbird’s philanthropy.

I’ve also been thinking about how I want to approach my next research trip. I loved being able to share my “recon” mission to Ecuador with you via my blog and social media. But for my next mission, I want to do things a little differently: I want to take you with me.

While I love making repeat visits to my favorite destinations, there’s nothing quite like the joy of discovery in a place that’s completely new. And I would love to share my discovery of Asia with you.

So without further ado, I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve secured a special Mockingbird group price for an AmaWaterways river cruise through Cambodia and Vietnam, departing August 29, 2016. A cruise down the Mekong River is a fantastic way to explore these countries, particularly parts of the countryside that can be hard to reach otherwise. AmaWaterways is consistently voted the best river cruise line in the world (sorry, Viking), and with only 124 passengers, this is definitely not your grandmother’s cruise.

Our Mockingbird adventure is an 8-day cruise on the AmaDara from Siem Reap, Cambodia to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, with options to add days on land before or after the cruise – such as a very cool option to start in Hanoi and spend a night on a traditional boat in Ha Long Bay, or an equally amazing option to visit Angkor Wat. (And you know Angkor Wat is on your bucket list.)

As if all that’s not enticing enough, our Mockingbird group will receive 2-for-1 cruise fares! That’s half price, folks, translating into cruise fares that start at $1,499 per person. (And not for a windowless box in the bowels of the ship – that’s for a cabin with a French balcony!) This is an unbelievable price for a luxury river cruise like this one. You sure won’t find it on Expedia.

To take advantage of this exclusive Mockingbird opportunity, you have to reserve your cabin by March 31. After that, the price goes back up to full fare.

I’m considering a partnership with AmaWaterways for all of our future Southeast Asia tours, but this is your one-and-only chance to travel with me on an exploratory mission at such a discounted price. The added bonus of joining our Mockingbird group is that we’ll take care of everything for you – it’s the easiest trip you’ll plan to Asia, ever. All you have to do is take the plunge.

I’m so excited to offer this travel opportunity for you, and I hope you’ll join me. Contact me to discuss the trip and reserve your space. Let’s go exploring!

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