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Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is one of the biggest travel weekends of the entire year, but it’s not, unfortunately, the kind of travel most people are thankful for. The sheer volume of people on the roads and in the air (oh the humanity!) makes it hard to feel warm and fuzzy about your travel plans. And most of us aren’t using the holiday to cross items off of our travel wish lists; rather, we’re going places that are familiar and time-worn. But we should give thanks for it nonetheless: thanks that we have family and friends to spend the holiday with, thanks that we have the means to make the journey, and thanks that, by now (travel gods willing), we’ve all reached our destinations and can reward ourselves with calorie bombs of goodness. To that I will also add my thanks for all of you and for your support of Mockingbird! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a safe journey home.

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