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Mockingbird’s Next Big Adventure

Let the planning begin!

Remember how I said I’d been suffering from the Travel Twitch? And my passport was feeling forlorn after months of neglect? And that I’d have some BIG news to share with you soon? Well, today’s the day – for the news, and for my Travel Twitch to go into remission, and for my passport to rejoice.

It’s official: Mockingbird’s first group tour will be to Ecuador, in Spring 2016.

And to prepare for the tour, I’m heading to Ecuador next month (!!) for a whirlwind reconnaissance mission. I’ll be checking out hotels, meeting local tour guides, visiting all the “must see” sights to decide whether they are, in fact, “must see” (sometimes they exaggerate), and looking for unique experiences to add to the Mockingbird tour itinerary.

In case this news is stirring up your own Travel Twitch, I’ve got more good news: you’ll be able to travel with me. Well, virtually speaking. Throughout my recon, I’ll be sharing daily videos, tweeting (as a Mockingbird should), and posting plenty of pictures on Instagram. I want you to be as excited about Ecuador as I am. (A few things to be excited about: The Andes mountains. The Amazon rainforest. UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Chocolate.) And before you know it, you’ll be able to travel to Ecuador with me for real.

I can’t wait to share this extraordinary country with you. To make sure you don’t miss a moment of the journey, take a minute now to follow Mockingbird throughout the social media universe (links on the right) and subscribe to this blog (hint: if you haven’t been getting a weekly email from me, you’re not subscribed!).

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