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We are more than a travel company.

​We are part of the new wave of travelers that recognize the contribution that travel can make to the good of the world. When done well, travel contributes to economic development, fosters connections and understanding among peoples of different countries, and enriches the lives of both travelers and hosts in innumerable ways. Mockingbird exists for two reasons: to offer you engaging, exhilarating travel experiences, and to improve global health by providing direct benefits to communities in need. In other words, we want to change your life and change the world.

We are explorers, philanthropists, and change-makers. 
​And we know you are, too.



How we travel matters. As travelers, we all share responsibility for preserving the world, both for our own enjoyment and for the greater good. The travel choices we make have an impact – positive or negative – on our destinations. 

Transform your travels with Mockingbird.

Sustainable tourism helps ensure that we can continue to travel: that there will still be authentic, beautiful, inspiring places to explore around the world. When we travel sustainably, our travel practices actively benefit our destinations. Sustainable tourism encourages a holistic approach to travel, focusing on three core areas: using environmentally friendly practices; protecting cultural and natural heritage; and providing social and economic benefits to local communities.


Sustainable travel doesn't mean "roughing it." You can travel comfortably and sustainably. If it's right for you, we can help you select sustainably-minded hotels and tours, incorporate authentic interactions with local cultures into your itineraries, and find ways to ensure that your tourist dollars go back into the community - for example, by employing local guides and supporting locally-owned businesses and community projects.

Global Health


Life-changing travel. World-changing philanthropy.

It’s all too common these days for health to be treated as a luxury, something to be attained only after all our other problems have been solved. But in fact, health needs to come first. Health is fundamental: to prosperity, growth, cultural cohesion, social stability, and general well-being.

Health also doesn’t exist in a silo; in many ways, the health of one is the health of all. Global health, at its core, is about connection, about the ways in which the health of people all over the world is intertwined. Infectious diseases, for example, do not respect national boundaries; they can sweep around the world in a matter of days. Health crises can spawn political crises and regional instability – not to mention impede travel. Conversely, even small improvements in health generate positive ripple effects throughout a society, from education to economic development.

Travel shares the global health theme of connection. Travel connects us to the rest of the world in so many ways, to people we wouldn’t otherwise meet, to places we couldn’t otherwise understand. As travelers, we have a special responsibility and opportunity with respect to the world’s health. We have a responsibility to do no harm: to make sure we’re not contributing to the spread of disease (either to our fellow travelers or to our hosts abroad) or straining other countries’ health systems. And we have the opportunity to help improve health around the world, through awareness, engagement, and philanthropy.  

Mockingbird connects travel and global health as no other travel company does, so that each contributes to and benefits the other. We donate to global health programs around the world, and we strive to inform and enlighten our travelers about ways to be both responsible travelers and better global citizens. 
Every travel experience planned by Mockingbird is both a philanthropic venture and a life-changing adventure.  


And yours, too!

A portion of our profits is donated to carefully selected global health programs. The more often you use our services, and the farther you travel from your home base, the more we will donate. In other words, the farther you go, the more good you do. 

By making philanthropy part of the experience of travel, we hope to inspire our travelers to remain engaged and to continue to build on their contributions to the world, long after they’ve returned home. 

These are some of the charities Mockingbird supports:


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