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A better way to conquer the world.

There’s a whole wide world of places to visit and an infinite array of experiences to be had. All those choices are daunting to sort through, and planning and executing them can be time-consuming and stressful – that is, if you don’t devote your entire life to it! Fortunately, you don’t have to make yourself into a travel expert or give up all your other hobbies to make travel a reality, because you have Mockingbird Travel. 

We're a different kind of travel advisor.  We don’t just help you book a trip (though we do that, too) – we talk to you about your travel goals, how you prefer to travel, what you want to get from your travel experiences, and how best to plan your travels over the next two to five years.  Then we design the perfect travel plan and itineraries to bring your travel dreams to fruition.

On a Mockingbird-planned trip, you’ll have life-changing experiences, create memories that last a lifetime, and make a meaningful contribution to the good of the world. That kind of travel opportunity doesn’t come along every day. 


Is Mockingbird right for you?


You have travel goals, bucket lists, and lifelong dreams to fulfill.  And you’re ready to make them happen.

You travel internationally at least once a year, and you may yearn to travel more frequently.

You want to get out of your comfort zone without sacrificing comfort.  You appreciate the luxuries, large and small, that make travel a true joy.

You want to travel responsibly, so that as you wander the world, you know that you’re also protecting the environment and benefiting local communities.

You understand the value and importance of travel in creating a well-rounded life, and you’re willing to invest your time and money in your travel dreams. 

What kind of travel experiences can Mockingbird deliver?


- High-end escorted group tours

- Private escorted tours

- Custom independent itineraries

- Luxury safaris

- Around-the-world journeys

- Small-ship ocean cruises and river cruises


Our knowledge of the travel industry allows us to identify the right hotels, tour companies and cruise lines to meet your needs and desires. We won’t book with just anyone; we'll only offer you experiences that meet our discerning standards, so that in turn, they’ll meet yours. And if you prefer to travel independently, you can rely on our gift for creating custom itineraries. Some people think you can just slap a bunch of cities together and call it a trip, but proper itinerary planning is an art. 


When you’re ready to book, just leave it to us. From getting to the airport to finding a local guide, we think about the details so you don’t have to. And throughout the process, you can tap into our knowledge and experience, so you’ll be completely at ease and ready to enjoy yourself long before your flight is wheels-up. 

Still have questions? We have answers! Contact us to discuss our services and professional fees, and to take the first step toward a better kind of travel.

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